2016 No. 4

Sharing My Sole

Tee: Leith
Jeans: Madewell

April was a crazy, busy month so I was very happy to spend time at home this week and not travel. My April travels took me to both New York and Scottsdale. I’d actually never been to Arizona before and I think my most touristy reaction was to how giant the cactuses (or cacti, if you will) are in the desert. I wanted to bring them all home and somehow have them come live in a pot on my front porch.

I enjoyed a wonderful afternoon adventure doing stand up paddle boarding while in Arizona. Proud to say my yoga practice came in handy and I didn’t fall off once! It was incredibly scenic and beautiful.

Zak and I spent a weekend in Columbus and saw Book of Mormon (one of my favorites) and did a little shopping and a lot of eating. The weather was spring perfection, so it was nice to wander around the city.

I read Luckiest Girl Alive which was honestly somewhat disturbing, with plenty of twists I didn’t see coming. It definitely occupied my time on a 3 hour flight out west. (Anyone else read this? I would love to hear your thoughts!)

What were your April highlights?

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