5 Things I do on Sunday for an easier week

After a busy and fun weekend, often the last thing I want to do is think about my work schedule and to-do list. But I always try to find some time to tackle a few things on Sunday to make the start of my week a little easier.



One // Tidy up.
There’s nothing like getting up on Monday and having a clean home to wake up to. I don’t always like to tackle a full cleaning session on Sundays (kind of takes the fun out of a relaxing weekend, am I right?), but I definitely like to tackle the clutter and do some laundry. I typically clean up the kitchen, load the dishwasher, clean up any clothes in the closet, put away make-up on the bathroom counter and clean out my purse, which always seems to have receipts from the weekend spilling out.

Two // Look at my calendar.
I like to look ahead at my week on Sunday and mentally map out my schedule. I still love a good paper planner and I plot out meetings, my workout schedule, dinner dates, travel, etc. I also like to make a little to-do list for each day in case I have errands to run, phone dates to schedule or planning time devoted to developing blog content.

Three // A little meal prep.
I really try to avoid going to the grocery store on Sundays because it’s always such a zoo, but I do like to stock up a little over the weekend and plan out or prep a few meals for the week. Even if I just prep my Monday lunch and dinner, it helps so much.

Four // Read and relax.
Sometimes I have a hard time relaxing Sunday evening because I start worrying about my to-do list for the week. It’s always nice to do a little self-care, like a face mask or mini-pedicure on Sunday, plus I try to give myself 30 minutes or so before bed to read and wind down.

Five // Go to bed early.
Going to sleep early can really be a challenge if we get wrapped up into a Netflix binge sesh, but I find it so important to get sufficient sleep Sunday night to get my week off to a productive start.
What are your tricks for a seamless start to your week?

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  1. These are great tips! One thing I really need to get better about is meal planning/prepping. It really does help so much!