5 Tips to Create the Best Sleeping Environment

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had the distinct talent of being able to fall asleep anywhere. Planes, car trips, on the couch with the TV on… I even had to get a MRI this weekend and I fell asleep in the machine. So ya, major sleeping skills. I credit part of this to a healthy lifestyle and strong sleeping habits since I was a child, but I also ensure I have a stress-free and healthy sleeping environment in our bedroom. Here are a few tips that have helped me get the optimal night’s sleep…



ONE // No TV or phone in the bedroom
I’ve always had a strict ‘no TV’ policy in the bedroom so that I can just read for a little bit and fall asleep without getting sucked into an hour show on Bravo and staying up much later than I anticipated. I also try to avoid looking at my phone in bed and keep it on the opposite side of the bedroom.


TWO // Invest in a sound machine
After years of always turning on the fan at night, we researched a few top rated sound machines and purchased the Marpac Dohm sound machine from Wikibuy. It.is.amazing. This tiny machine let’s you customize your own level of sound, which is incredibly soothing. The sound is soothing, yet loud, like a large fan that encapsulates the whole room.

A quick note on Wikibuy (in case you’re not familiar)… It shows you all the places your items is being sold and what your cost would be on that site. So we got our Dohm sound machine at a fantastic price!



THREE // Breathe in those essential oils
I love the calming feeling that an essential oil lavender scent brings. I keep a small bottle on my nightstand and mix in a drop with my body lotion.


FOUR // Give pets their own place to sleep
Ok, let’s be serious. I tryyyyy to keep Potsie on his own doggy bed, but he usually ends up snuggling with us. The problem is, sometimes he wakes me up with a little bark in the middle of the night or his paw in my face. At least I try with this cute, stripped dog bed.



FIVE // Keep room dark and cool
Removing electronics from the bedroom (and having dark window coverings) get you ready for a full night’s sleep. I tend to turn into a furnace at night, so I prefer to keep the room cool to lower by body temperature throughout the night.

What tricks help you get a good night’s sleep?



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