Argyle & Prep


They say all past fashion trends always make a comeback and I believe that’s the truth with this sweater.  I wore this little argyle number to the office and then had the realization I had the same sweater in high school.  We had a very flattering high school uniform which consisted of khaki pants and oversized polo shirts, so I made a daily effort of attempting to hide said polo shirt with a strong rotation of sweaters.  And I’m certain I had a few argyle pieces in the mix.  It’s all cyclical, people.









Coat: J.Crew

Sweater: J.Crew

Jeans: Rag & Bone

Clutch: Blair Ritchey

Heels: Banana Republic (similar)


Photography by Katie Ardner


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  1. Fashion really is cyclical. My mom always mentions how she wore a certain style or pattern that’s trendy now years ago when she was my age (or a bit younger or older). I mean, we’re back in the 60s with all those wide legged pants.

    Arielle from Casual ‘n Couture