Best (and worst) of 2012

The end of the year is always a great time to look back and reflect.  Some days and moments felt excruciatingly long, but in reality the year really flew by.  As I was revisiting a few photos and snapshots from this past year, it felt appropriate to pull together my 5 favorite looks.  Plus, at the bargain price of $0, you also get 2 looks that you’ve never seen before!!  Why?  Because they are horrible and never made it onto the blog…  My gift to you.  Enjoy.


My 5 Best Looks of 2012…



Peplum Party












Gingham Girl






Peter Pan






Holiday Classic


And 2 of the Worst…




I remember wearing this outfit for a day of shopping and then taking a few snap shots afterward.  Then I headed home to look at the pictures and realized I looked like a wrinkled mess.  Plus wearing the socks with the boots made my legs look even shorter than they already are.  Note to self:  Never again.





There is too much going on here…  The statement necklace with the black bow belt, plus the clutch.  And my t-shirt and skirt are both body hugging, never a good thing.  And finally the shoes go with nothing.  Obviously this look is a win.


As we end this year and start fresh in 2013, I just want to say one thing – Thank you!!  Thank you for reading and visiting the blog each day, thank you for your kind and unexpected emails on days when I needed them, thank you for your continued support!  I will always be grateful for you.  Now onto 2013… bring it.

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  1. I kinda like the first “bad” one, I think maybe you’re too self critical. And the second “bad” one, is cute but I see what you’re saying about the tight on top and bottom. But it just look like a dress honestly and that”s fine. It might be just the necklace and the clutch together that makes it look like too much and the shoes are perfectly fine. They’re neutral, woman!

    xo Ashley

  2. I liked seeing this roundup. I love your classic style and am so inspired by you. Can’t wait to see what 2013 brings for you!

  3. Happy New Year! I love the Audrey look and commend you for posting outfits you weren’t crazy about. Let’s get together soon.
    p.s. I LOVE my new DSLR.
    The Pumpkin Spot