Sharing My Sole - Coated


Sometimes I think I really know my own personal style, and then I go buy pants like these. I know they may not look like much, but coated black skinnies are kind of a departure for me. (I like boyfriend jeans, remember?) I’ve actually been on the hunt for some faux leather leggings (whattt) and I recently got some biker boots for my birthday. Who am I?!


Sharing My Sole - Coated


Sharing My Sole - CoatedJacket: Nordstrom

T-Shirt: J.Crew (on sale!)

Necklace: J.Crew (on sale!)

Watch: Michael Kors

Bag: Madewell

Pants: Ann Taylor

Heels: Gianni Bini


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  1. Coated and Fabulous. You totally stepped out of your comfort zone here and it. looks. amazing.
    The Pumpkin Spot

  2. You look amazing, girl! I just bought a pair of black coated skinnies this weekend too! And yes, they are typically not my style either but they are fun! Trying to debate if I wear to work or not…

  3. Haha your edgy badass is breaking out of you! Coated skinnies are so great, but if you’re really looking for an amazing pair of leather leggings, I just did a review yesterday of some amazing ones from Legwear Loft. They have all kinds of great ones!

    xo Ashley