Daily Shoe in Snap Shots

Happy Sunday and Merry Christmas Eve Eve! (Any reason to celebrate, right?) Hope everyone had a wonderful and festive week. I was looking back at all my shoes from this week and I realized I am in my winter black shoe rut… This usually happens when it’s freezing out and I wear tights or black pants to work everyday. So, I need to step up my game and incorporate some more color into my footwear! Here are all the shoes I wore this week and the places they took me. If you want to see these photos in real time, simply follow along on Instagram!



Monday, December 17th
What: Asos Captoe Pumps (on sale!)
Where: Day of Meetings

Asos Pumps




Tuesday, December 18th
What: Guess Heels
Where: Day at the office

Guess Pumps




Wednesday, December 19th
What: C-Label Flats via Piperlime
Where: Day at the office

C-Label Flats




Thursday, December 20th
What: Michelle Boots
Where: Day at the office

Sharing My Sole - Boots




Friday, December 21st
What: Gianni Bini Wedges
Where: Day at the office

Gianni Bini




Saturday, December 22nd
What: Loft Boots
Where: Christmas party

Loft Boots

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