Daily Shoe in Snap Shots

This week’s shoe recap comes with a warning – It is completely lacking in color.  My apologies in advance, but it was a freezing cold week and I just kept throwing on black tights and boots like it was my job.  So here you have it – All of the shoes I wore this week and the places they took me…



Monday, January 21st

What:  Banana Republic Pumps

Where:  Day at the office





Tuesday, January 22nd

What:  Franco Sarto Boots

Where:  Day at the office

Sharing My Sole




Wednesday, January 23rd

What:  Madewell Boots (on sale!)

Where:  Day of meetings

Madewell Boots




Thursday, January 24th

What:  Madewell Flats

Where:  Day at the office

Madewell Flats




Friday, January 25th

What:  Madewell Boots

Where:  Day at the office

Madewell Boots




Saturday, January 26th

What:  Hunter Boots

Where:  Running errands and stomping in the snow with Potsie

Hunter Boots

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