Denim & Dots

Sharing My Sole - Denim & Dots


This Ohio winter is really starting to get to me.  Just when I’m ready to bust out my maxi dresses and sandals, another blizzard hits.  And all of this cold weather is leaving me slightly uninspired with my wardrobe.  So when I get into a wardrobe rut, I turn to my favorite basics…  Denim, button downs, polka dots.  It’s my easy way to pull together a layered outfit and attempt to brighten my cold, cold day.  (Also, if anyone living in a tropical climate needs a full-time stylist/pool girl/maid, I might be interested…)


Sharing My Sole - Denim & Dots


Sharing My Sole - Denim & Dots

Jacket:  American Eagle (similar)

Shirt:  J.Crew

Scarf:  J.Crew

Denim:  AG

Bag:  Madewell

Boots:  Hunter

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  1. We’re stuck in a layering/cold weather rut too! Love the polka dot chambray and fun scarf though! Good inspiration for us to survive a few more cold days!

  2. Hey! I was wondering you could let me know what size you bought in the AE Military Jacket. They have it online again and I absolutely love it! I have a larger chest (36D) but quite thin arms. I don’t know what size to buy! Thanks a bunch 🙂