Do or Don’t: New Year Resolutions

Happy 2017, friends! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. We spent time in Columbus with friends watching the ball drop and enjoying a few too many cocktails. But now it’s time to reset and start focusing on those goals for the New Year.




Are you a resolution maker? It seems to be a polarizing question. You either make a lengthy list of resolutions for the New Year or believe they are a waste. Personally, I have always loved the idea of a fresh start, but have never been a hard and fast resolution maker. It seems like when general resolutions fail, such as “lose weight”, it’s because they are not very specific or measurable. Perhaps “lose weight” could be more attainable if it was translated into “commit to working out 4 days a week” or “do not have any sweets for 2 weeks”. Check out some more resolution inspiration from NPR.

So where did I net out? I landed on 3 key things to focus on for 2017…

One // Quit processed sugar for the month of January. After spending the last 2 weeks loading up on carbs, treats and a ton of cheese, I am taking an unprecedented dessert break for the month of January. I’m not giving up on sugar completely and still will enjoy fresh fruit, but I definitely need to step away from the brownies.

Two // Saying “no” to over thinking. So, I’m definitely an over thinker in nearly every situation. I even have a habit of analyzing my coffee order. So basically when I catch myself over thinking even the smallest things I am going to simply tell myself to “STOP IT” and know it’s not the end of the world.

Three // Joy. I’ve decided my word for the year is Joy. After going through some trying times and changes with my family this past year, I really want to focus on doing more things that bring me personal joy and also bringing joy to others and those I love.

What about you? Are you making any resolutions or big changes this year?  Cheers to new beginnings!

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  1. I’m on board with Joy. 🙂