Five Things

Last week, Becky tagged me in her Five Things post. I love reading these and learning little tidbits I didn’t know about my friends and favorite bloggers. So, here you have it, five completely random facts that you may not know about me…


Sharing My Sole


One. I don’t like Oreos. People always seem shocked and disgusted by this, usually saying “Are you American? Who doesn’t like Oreos?” But I don’t. I think the cream filling is gross and I hate how the chocolate cookie part gets stuck in my teeth.


Two. I’m a songbird. I was in show choir and musicals in high school, continued with voice lessons through college and until recently, I sang with the Akron Symphony Choir. For now I sing in the car and the shower until I make the time commitment to choir again.


Three. I’ve never had a cavity. Yep, I’ve made it to 26 with no cavities. I do panic that I’ll get one someday and have a meltdown. What can I say? I went through 5 years of orthodontia and I take care of my pearly whites.


Four. I’m a vegetarian.  I made this change about a year and half ago due to stomach issues, and I really don’t miss meat at all.


Five. I (currently) have 98 pairs of shoes… This blog is called Sharing My Sole for a reason.  🙂


Alright ladies… Tag! You’re it! Dina, Mikki, and Liz – What are your five things?!

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  1. Holy Shit! 98 pairs!