Floral & Stripes

Sharing My Sole - Floral & Stripes


Have stripes ever not been in style?  I mean, I have been skeptical of other trends as they came and went, but stripes seem to always be on point.  Next time I’m leery of a trend (see: mullet skirts, flatforms) I’m just going to run and go buy more stripes.  Good plan, no?  And on another note, who doesn’t need a floral statement necklace for spring?  I adore this one.


Sharing My Sole - Floral & Stripes


Sharing My Sole - Floral & Stripes

Jacket:  Gap

T-Shirt:  Loft

Necklace:  Banana Republic (similar)

Denim:  AG

Bag:  Madewell

Heels:  Gianni Bini

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  1. That striped jacket is fantastic and could be paired with so much! I agree with you though… totally not digging the mullet skirt trend… I’ve tried them on several times over the past year or so and everytime I do, I redecide why I don’t like them.

    Radiating Splendor

  2. Love this casual spring outfit. And yes, stripes are forever. They just seem to switch up the brightness every couple of seasons!

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  3. I didn’t think I’d jump on the stripe trend like I have but I’m glad I did. I don’t think anything really “goes out of style” when it’s something so basic

    xo Ashley