Friday Favorites

Fri-YAY! For whatever reason this week felt long and I am welcoming the weekend with open arms. So tonight, I’m going to a BYOB painting class. You heard right – bring your own wine and get artsy. I feel like the vino will really bring out my artistic side. Stay tuned on Instagram for the finished product.


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A few favorites from around the web…

The Nordstrom Clearance Sale is happening now! My favorite boots are on sale and I highly suggest you pick them up. I got them last fall in black and they have held up beautifully and are very flattering.  Go.

Also, this cashmere sweater is an amazing deal and this dress would be perfect when I’m in Florida for Thanksgiving.

In case you want to get a jump start on holiday shopping, I started a Holiday Gift Guide board on Pinterest. Most of the items are under $50. (Hint hint friends and family…)

Check out my guest post over on The Pumpkin Spot from earlier this week!

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  1. Love this! Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a great weekend!
    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  2. I remember seeing a sign for a class like that last time I was in Scottsdale, AZ. What a genius idea, have a great time!