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Hello Friday!  Are you guys loving December?  Because I am.  Someone was telling me the other day about how so overwhelmed they feel with the upcoming holiday and so many things to do.  Although this can be an overwhelming time, I have been relaxed and enjoying all my favorite things about this season.  Decorating the house, putting together holiday outfits and probably doing a little too much online shopping to find the perfect gifts.


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A few favorites from around the web…

I love this cute, affordable skirt for holiday parties.  Also, this perfectly amazing dress.  (Not so affordable, but so so pretty).

I haven’t done a beauty post in (it’s on my to-do list) but this finishing powder is my new favorite product.  It keeps my skin oil free and smooth all day.

Don’t forget to check out my gift guide on Pinterest – most items are under $50!

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  1. GIRL. THAT RED DRESS. You would look so freaking amazing in that. I also need to get that powder..on my list. Agree with staying relaxed this month and through the Holidays- best time of the year. So glad I have off this Christmas and hope to see you in FL!
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