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The first week of February has served as a good reminder to revisit those goals we set during the first of the year. Am I reading more than I’m staring at my phone? Going to yoga? Living in the moment? The beginning of any new month always feels like another small, fresh start and I love that. I did a whole foods cleanse this past week, so this weekend I’m looking forward to indulging a bit while watching the Super Bowl. Beyonce halftime show, anyone?


Sharing My Sole


A few favorites from around the web…

Public service announcement: I don’t know how this is possible, but this adorable layered sweater is on sale for UNDER $17!! Time to scoop up one or two. Or three.

This shift dress would be perfect for Valentine’s Day. If you’re looking for a few cute gifts for girlfriends, check out this cute keychain, a sleek water bottle or darling candle. Plus this cell phone case is adorable.

Love this sweater and these heels, both now on sale.

This explains why I can’t tear myself away from any cheese board within close proximity…

I really want this striped dress paired with this anorak jacket.

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  1. I love your goal of reading more than screen-time (screening?)! And thanks for the PSA about the sweater… I’m hoping to pick one up! Make today work, Rachel –CubicleCouture