Friday Favorites

To wrap up Holiday Style Week (tear) I bring you the holiday edition of Friday Favorites.  Here are a few snap shots of my favorite Christmas decorations currently looking all festive at my home.  But don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll be wearing more festive outfits all the way up to Christmas and New Years!  (‘Tis the season to sparkle, right?)


And if you’re out wearing your party shoes this weekend, send me a picture via Twitter or Instagram with #sharingmysole!  I would love to feature your fabulous shoes on the blog.  Or feel free to email me a snap shot of your shoes to



Favorite Festive Spot:  Fireplace Mantel




Favorite Rule:  Everything looks fancier on a tray.  (Even pinecones).




Favorite Moment:  Turning on the tree lights for the first time!




Favorite Smile:  How can you resist this little guy?

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  1. Haaaa your dog in the lights is so cute!

    xo Ashley