Friday Favorites

After what felt like the longest week ever, I am definitely happy that it is Friday.  I’m planning a closet overhaul this weekend (parrrtyyyyy) and I’ve been finding organizational inspiration on Pinterest.  I’ll document the process and share it on the blog!  Here are a few of my favorites from this week…



Favorite Quote: Chances multiply if you grab them. (Yogi tea, so wise).

Yogi Tea




Favorite Décor: Refreshing my creative space with a Kate Spade card and Etsy print

Sharing My Sole - Decor




Favorite Polish: Essie ‘Penny Talk’ (It’s the perfect rose gold shade)

Essie nailpolish


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  1. Freakin love the etsy print

    xo Ashley

  2. Where did you get the Kate Spade Card? Love it!