Friday Favorites

Happy (Good) Friday!  I’m already enjoying my day off – Slept in until 8:15!  Woo hoo!  Does this happen to anyone else?  Try to “sleep in” on the weekends and can only make it until about 8am and then you’re wide awake?  I remember when sleeping in meant staying in bed until 11 and then grabbing brunch.  Oh, the good days.  Here are a few of my favorites from this week!  Have a wonderful weekend!



Favorite Delivery:  A chic clutch from GiGi New York

Sharing My Sole




Favorite Shoes:  My booties collecting together in my closet

Sharing My Sole




Favorite Combo:  Madewell tote + scarf

Sharing My Sole

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  1. Bootie season!!

    xo Ashley

  2. That clutch is super chic. Are you ready for the Spring?:)

    Dress To Cook Blog