Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, sole sisters! I have always chosen my Friday Favorites from my Instagram photos, however I made a commitment to myself to use my camera more often, not only to better my photography skills, but also to actually take and develop photos. I feel like ever since my iphone camera came along, I stopped getting photos printed. I had a lot of fun capturing moments this week with my DSLR and look forward to taking more. So, here you have it, a new twist on Friday Favorites!



Favorite Moment: Sipping Pellegrino in the sun, enjoying a magazine

Sharing My Sole - Friday Favorites




Favorite Craft: Putting together a little bachelorette gift

Sharing My Sole - Friday Favorites




Favorite Fashion Find: A bright pink 80s sequin dress from the GoodStyle Fashion Show came home with me.

(Future costume ideas are swirling…)

Sharing My Sole - Friday Favorites

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  1. I totally agree about the picture taking – they all get stuck on the Internet! I love my new DSLR and the possibilities for the prints are endless! – J