Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  After a leisurely Memorial Day weekend, this week was busy and flew by.  It’s crazy to think that tomorrow is the first of June…  I still feel like we just rang in the New Year.  As you can see, I did a little “redecorating” on the blog.  It’s always nice to have a fresh start and new look.  Would love to hear your feedback!  Here are a few favorites from this week…


Favorite Flower:  Sunflowers will always be my favorite, but I currently love peonies for summer

Sharing My Sole



Favorite Relaxing Moment:  Magazines and ice water, with a fancy straw of course

Sharing My Sole



Favorite Home Décor:  Vintage teacups used as bauble storage

Sharing My Sole

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  1. Your site looks really cute 🙂 Love the mint!

    xo Ashley