Friday Favorites

Hellooo weekend! My week flew by yet again and I’m in denial that the start of August is next week… How did that happen? Miami was a success and I’m happy to report I still have all my hair (see Monday’s post) although it’s been up in a bun non-stop. Here are my favorites from this week…


Favorite Combination: This dress + this necklace

Sharing My Sole


Favorite Décor: Sunflowers

Sharing My Sole



Favorite Motivation: New running shoes

Sharing My Sole

And a thank you shout out to Charity from for naming me one of her favorite instagrams to follow!

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  1. I need new running shoes like nobody’s business. You like those?

    xo Ashley

    • Hi Ashley-

      Yes, I love these! Very comfortable. And honestly I felt like the price was awesome for the quality.