Friday Favorites

Happy weekend! Does anyone remember this post where I said talk to me mid-January and I’ll give you 100 reasons why I hate snow? Not to be a negative Nancy, but I’m so there. I.Am.Over.The.Cold. Does anyone have any cures for this other than hot yoga and wine? Because that’s all I’ve got so far.


Favorite Office Supplies: J.Crew Notebook & Friday Pencil

Sharing My Sole - Friday Favorites

Favorite Reads: Vogue, Yoga, Entrepreneur

Sharing My Sole - Friday Favorites


Favorite Décor: Brass Urchin & Golden Elephant

Sharing My Sole - Friday Favorites

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  1. No, sadly, I don’t have any better cures. Lots of wine helps. And really tasty soup! And dates with your DVR. That’s all I got. At least January is over, right? 🙂

  2. Charlotte, NC.
    That is all.
    The Pumpkin Spot