Friday Favorites

One of my pet peeves is the glorification of busy. You know what I mean, when people use “I’m so busy” as a way to feel important, worthwhile… With that being said, when I look at my upcoming calendar this summer I can already see the days flying by. This week I have been making a conscious effort to take time for myself, despite being slightly swamped. I’ve been reading books instead of vegging in front of the tv, going to yoga, painting my nails. By doing small things for myself, I’m keeping myself happy and sane. What are your tricks and tips?


Sharing My Sole - Friday Favorites


A few favorites from around the web…

Ordered this jacket on sale. Can’t wait to style it.

This dress needs to come live in my closet.

These Sperry’s are adorable.

I can’t stop watching (and laughing at) this.

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  1. I cannot stop watching it either! I also can’t stop listening to Fancy while picturing Jimmy’s dance moves.