Yesterday I found myself in an abnormally cranky mood. I had little patience and was frustrated with the littlest things, for no real reason at all. So instead of dwelling in a negative pool of energy, I decided to focus on things I am grateful for. We tend to take for granted the things that really deserve our gratitude. So, in lieu Friday Favorites and in light of all the insanity that is happening across our country, here are a few positive things I am very grateful for…


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I am grateful for my youthful face and that I will (hopefully) age like my mother. People often ask me if I’m in college (or high school) and I normally get highly annoyed with this, but I should be grateful. I will probably get ID’d well into my thirties, but that’s not such a bad thing. Plus, I will hopefully age as gracefully as my mother, who looks much younger than she actually is.

I am grateful for girlfriends and wine. I usually take these two things for granted, but sometimes all I need to change my mood is a glass of wine and some laughs with my girlfriends.

I am grateful that my dog is a snuggle bug. I loved my dog as a child, but he usually wanted his own space. Potsie would happily sit on my lap all day or sleep on my face all night if I let him.

I am grateful for my legs. I take them for granted all day and even give them a hard time since they are little shorties. But honestly, they take me everywhere I need to go and they are getting stronger and stronger with each hot yoga class I go to.

I am grateful for kind and generous people. Why do I always seem to notice and be bothered by people who are rude, but take for granted all the people who are so kind and giving on a daily basis? I’m very grateful for the positive people I am surrounded by and unexpected kind gestures.


What are you grateful for? Have a lovely weekend!

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