Identity Crisis

Sharing My Sole - Identity Crisis


If you follow me on Instagram, you know I was questioning this outfit…  To blog, or not to blog?  I adore this girly skirt from Gap, but felt like I was boarding a slight school girl/Britney Spears vibe.  Maybe I am channeling my school uniform days since this is basically what I wore…  but with knee socks.


Sharing My Sole - Identity Crisis


Sharing My Sole - Identity Crisis

Sweater:  Gap

Skirt:  Gap

Clutch:  TJ Maxx

Watch:  Michael Kors

Boots: Nine West


Photography by Katie Ardner


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  1. Oh, early 2000s Britney, how you influenced us all. But no, you look adorable! You can totally rock that skirt with those legs!

  2. Britney but in a great way! I love your take on this outfit. Also, since it’s so freezing in Chicago I’ve been dying to find a way to take cute outfit photos indoors- you have totally accomplished that! Now I just need to find a pretty staircase 🙂

    Thanks for the great inspiration!