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Due to this unseasonably warm weather we have been enjoying lately, I seem to have been ignoring my calendar and the fact that Thanksgiving is next week. This dawned on me yesterday when I was going over my schedule for the rest of the year… (How are we already talking about 2016?! I still feel like 2008 was a month ago). Anyway, you know what Thanksgiving means… overindulging in mashed potatoes and then quickly moving into holiday panic mode. Since I am trying (key word: trying) to stay ahead of things this year, I’ve pulled together a little holiday gift guide inspiration. There’s something about a little holiday plaid that gets me so excited for the season and ready to pick out some thoughtful gifts and stocking stuffers. I mean, who can say no to a little plaid for Christmas?


Love this buffalo plaid scarf and these cozy slippers.

Plaid PJ’s are a must.

Everyone needs a fuzzy fleece throw for this winter months.


Plaid Gifts for Her:


Plaid Gifts for the Home:


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  1. love how we posted posts with the same name today 🙂 great minds…

  2. Where is the grey sweater from ?
    (the one you are wearing in the picture posted)
    It is super cute!