Sharing My Sole - Maximum


When I think of my maxi dress fetish and how many I have accumulated over the summer, I almost go into a panic when I think about fall. What will I wear? What will I throw on to look instantly chic? Can I make them work in October?! Oh the things that keep me up at night… Anyway, surprise surprise I found yet another maxi to love. The pattern makes me want to go to a Mexican fiesta, or wine country, or really anywhere except Ohio. Perhaps I will wear this dress to a local vineyard and eat chips and salsa. There, problem solved.

Sharing My Sole - Maximum


Sharing My Sole - Maximum


Sharing My Sole

Maxi: c/o Karen Kane

Necklace: Jeweliq

Heels: Banana Republic


Photography by Katie Ardner


Don’t forget, you have until midnight tonight to enter the Karen Kane Giveaway! Winner announced Friday! Go go go!

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  1. LOVE that necklace!! I nominated your blog for a “liebster” award on my blog. Check it out if you have a chance 🙂


  2. I’m worried about that, too! What will I have in the fall that is as simple as possible, but entirely put-together at the same time? We can just throw on our denim jackets and make them last a bit longer 🙂