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Sharing My Sole - Glittered Heel Booties


Continuing on this week’s trend of throwback rap music, does anyone remember Bubba Sparxxx?  I don’t think he’s that memorable (sorry Bubba) but whenever I pick out of a pair of booties from my closet, the classic lyrics of “booty, booty, booty, booty, rockin’ everywhere” get stuck in my head.  (Please someone chime in here and tell me this happens to you…)  Anyway, I pulled out these glittered heel booties the other day and they add a little extra something special to any outfit.  I also recently invested in this classic pair to add to my wardrobe for work and weekends.  Scroll through below for a few of my favorites…


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  1. Those are so fun! Booty, booty rockin’ everywhere…
    The Pumpkin Spot

  2. I love that song (not sure if that’s good or not…) and I sing it randomly too!
    Side note: you should totally continue on with the throwback rap music…its golden. 🙂

  3. This made me laugh out loud… I love a good throwback rap jam! 🙂