My Daily Hair Styling Routine

The dry winter air can really do some damage to my strands, and yet I still find myself washing my hair at least 5 times a week. My head gets so sweaty from hot yoga or sculpt that I just can’t make my stinky hair last more than a day. (Sorry if that’s gross.  And if you can make your hair last, then more power to you). I’m careful not to strip out all the healthy oils each time I shower. Here’s my recipe for a good hair day (hopefully) every day…



ONE // Pureology Shampoo and Conditioner
I love the Pureology Hydrate line when it’s cold and dry in the winter. It protects my color and helps add some moisture to my strands in the shower.

TWO // Moroccan Oil
Once my hair is towel-dried, I rub a few drops of Moroccan oil from root to end to help keep things smooth and shiny. I usually only add this step a couple days a week if the air has been more dry than usually.

THREE // Pureology Pure Volume and Bumble & Bumble Thickening Spray
Since I have naturally straight and fine hair, I need a little help from product to give it some oomph. I add a few spritzes of Pure Volume to my roots and add a little Bumble & Bumble throughout the rest of my damp hair.

FOUR // Blow Dry
I don’t have a special formula for drying my hair, I simply flip my head upside down and use a round brush at my roots for a little lift. I did invest in a Dry Bar hairdryer a few months ago and it does seem to completely dry my hair much faster.

FIVE // Hairspray and Dry Shampoo
Once my hair is dry, I give it a quick spray with Caviar working hair spray which has been a favorite staple for years. Regardless if I am wearing my hair straight or adding a little wave, I’ll put a small spray of Oribe dry shampoo at my roots. Years ago a stylist told me to use dry shampoo on clean hair so it will soak up the oil throughout the day rather than waiting to use dry shampoo when it’s already dirty. The Oribe product keeps my roots lifted and fresh all day.

SIX // Bedroom Hair
My current hair stylist introduced me to this Kevin Murphy product and it’s the perfect finishing touch when I want slightly tousled and messy waves. I just give a little spray as a finishing touch and run my fingers through to give it some texture. Plus it smells amazing.

What are your favorite daily hair products?



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  1. Is the Bumble & Bumble Thickening Spray worth it? I’ve used a lot of other products but haven’t been totally in love with them, wondering if I should give this one a try!!

    xo Jess

    • Yes! I’ve used it for years. I have straight, fine hair and just a few sprays gives it some oomph. Plus it lasts awhile.