Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile

“Smile though your heart is aching.  Smile even though it’s breaking.”


Sharing My Sole


I wrote a blog post on smiling about a month ago, and I’ve been contemplating the appropriate time to post it.  Well, I think that time has come.  In the wake of last Friday’s devastating events at Sandy Hook Elementary and the many emotions that have since unfolded, I’m doing my best to spread some joy the best way I know how – A smile.


I read a lot of fashion blogs (shocker) and I’ve noticed a trend…  A lack of big, toothy grins.  And that’s fine; maybe smiling just isn’t their thing.  But, much like Buddy the Elf, I must profess my love for smiling.  “I just like to smile.  Smiling’s my favorite.”


I know many of my topics about fashion and beauty are trivial, but maybe smiling in my outfit posts is my little, tiny way to spread some joy.  And hopefully inspire others to smile as well.  Smiling really is the universal language of kindness.


Someone recently told me I was “too nicey and smiley” for their taste.  Well, to each his own, but yes, that is accurate – I’m nice and I smile a lot.  And maybe that’s just my thing.  Hoping you can spread some smiles and joy as well.  My thoughts and prayers go out to all of those in Newtown, CT.  Thanks for reading.  Hope this made you smile.  xoxo


Sharing My Sole


Sharing My Sole

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  1. erica yacobozzi on

    I love it! So true – smiling is the BEST! Plus if you force yourself to smile if you are having a bad day – it actually makes you feel better!

  2. Lauren Tourangeau on

    A great smile can be your best accessory!

  3. I appreciate your smile! Too many fashion bloggers feel the need to be uber serious – I think your pics are the better for it! (p.s. I was recently told by a stranger at work that I am “disgustingly pleasant” haha so I get it.) Keep smilin, girlfriend! 🙂

  4. Who says that someone is too smiley? that’s such a strange thing to say to someone!

    I don’t love my smile as my mouth is pretty small so i have this tiny mouth on big cheeks, but I do agree that more people need to let their grin come out.