New Year, New Goals

It’s the first week into a brand new year when many people are starting resolutions and focusing on being the best version of themselves. Although I don’t set specific resolutions per say, I do think it’s important to utilize that ‘fresh start feeling’ to optimize things I am doing well and cut out any bad habits that crept in last year. Since it’s time to hit the refresh mark, here’s what I’m focusing on this month and for the year to come…


Coat // Sweater // Boots


ONE // Swapping Screen Time for a Book

One of my habits to ditch in 2018 was to staying overly connected. I will often arbitrarily stare at my phone at the end of the day while Zak and I unwind and watch TV. I’m not actually accomplishing anything, just scrolling and staring. (Ahem, raise your hand if you do this too…) So this year I want to be more present, less worried about always being connected and to read a few more books this yearv instead of starting into the black hole of my phone or laptop.

TWO // Save Intentionally

I’ve always considered myself to be a forward-looking saver, but that’s also coupled with the fact that if I’m obsessing over a pair of shoes, I’m probably just going to buy them. Not always, but often enough. We have some big and exciting expenses coming up this year – Travel, our wedding (!!), honeymoon, and (hopefully) purchasing a house. So starting this month I am going to continue to remind myself that my future dreams are bigger than a pair of shoes. (Good little motto, right?)

THREE // Wake Up Fifteen Minutes Earlier

I read somewhere last year that the first 2 hours after you wake up are your very most productive of the whole day. Since reading that, I’ve always tried to get something done in the morning right when I get up, even if it’s just a load of laundry and replying to an email versus blankly staring at the coffee pot. So in order to have an even more enjoyable morning before heading off to work, I want to focus on getting up 15 minutes earlier and getting something, however small, accomplished.

FOUR // Grow This Blog Space

Last week I realized I’ve had my blog for nearly SEVEN years! (#whoa). I’ve always blogged and stayed consistent on this space because I love it. But this year I’d really like to diversify my content, be a bit more original, share more real moments from my life and generally grow this space. I always appreciate reader feedback, so please let me know what YOU want to see from me. And follow along with me on Instagram or the app!

Do you have any big goals or resolutions for yourself this year?

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