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Sharing My Sole - Plain White T


When I can’t decide what to wear on weekends, I always turn to a reliable staple – The plain white t-shirt. I typically always have at least 5 in my closet, ready to go in case one falls victim to a red wine or hot sauce stain. (It’s best to be prepared). On another note, I adore this chambray skirt. Over the past few years I have realized I don’t love my legs in shorts, so I often go for a casual skirt instead. I love the striped pattern of this one, plus it’s not too short, so I can still run around in it. (To be clear, I don’t literally mean “run”, I just mean I can still look cute while running errands. Just to clarify).


Sharing My Sole - Plain White T


Sharing My Sole

T-shirt: Gap
Necklaces: Sira & Mara, J.Crew
Skirt: Gap
Tote: Madewell
Shoes: Madewell

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  1. Lady, you look lovely! Hope you’re doing well!