Sharing My Sole - Rut

I’ll admit it…  I’m in a bit of a color rut.  If you look at my past few outfit posts (one, two, three) you’ll see I’m only wearing various shades of navy and black.  Black and blue.  Every day.  It’s just grey and gross out and I guess my outfits are reflecting that.  How are you staying colorful and cheery during this polar vortex?


Sharing My Sole - Rut


Sharing My Sole - Rut


Sharing My Sole - Rut


Sharing My Sole - Rut

Jacket:  Nordstrom (similar)

T-shirt:  J.Crew

Necklace:  J.Crew

Denim:  Loft

Heels:  Gianni Bini (similar)


Photography by Katie Ardner


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  1. I wear a lot of black and gray. I’ve tried to stop but I always come back to this combo. I add pops of color with accessories. The possibilities are endless with black and gray. Bright fuschia gloves add a little cheer to my daily trudge through the snow.

  2. I don’t mind your rut at all! Hehe. I love neutrals. I do wear a lot of neutrals too, and try to add pizazz with extra jewelry and some edgy hardware. Lipstick and nail polish doesn’t hurt, either 😉