Sharing My Sole - Scattered


I use to be very diligent about laying out my clothes for work at night before I went to sleep.  But lately I’ve been beelining it to my bed and skipping that whole process.  This isn’t always helpful in the mornings when I’m half asleep with a mushy brain.  Yesterday was a mushy brain morning where I did my best to pull something cute together…  Skirt, top, shoes.  Check, check, check.  I received a few compliments on my shoes, so I feel like I got at least one part right.  And that’s good enough for a mushy brain day.


Sharing My Sole - Scattered


Sharing My Sole - Scattered


Sharing My Sole - Scattered


Sharing My Sole

Shirt:  Anthropologie

Necklace:  Jeweliq

Skirt:  Ann Taylor (similar)

Watch:  Michael Kors

Bracelets:  J.Crew (similar), Stella&Dot

Shoes:  Madewell

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  1. Jaclyn, I don’t think your outfit looks awful it just doesn’t fit your regular chic mode. I am sure you will rock your next look to make up for it! keep stylin’.

  2. I feel weird wearing booties without pants but that’s probably because I have really thin legs and ankles. Love this look on you! Especially the top.