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Sharing My Sole


I recently read an article about truths of being an only child (that’s me).  Some things made me laugh and some made me nod my head in agreement.  One point that hit home was that only children think of their best friends as their brothers and sisters.  Only children are extremely loyal – our friends are everything.  This couldn’t be truer.  As an only child, I am extremely loyal to my closest friends and am very grateful for the girls I can call my sisters.  I know I hold them to high standards because, well they are my everything.  My friends are my sisters I never had and the family I was fortunate enough to choose for myself.


It’s funny because even in interviews when people ask for self-describing adjectives, I always use loyal.  (I also use shoeaholic, but that’s another story…)  Anyway, I adore my friends and was reminded this past weekend of how incredibly wonderful they are.


Sharing My Sole

 {Carrie – Kara – Me – Carrie – Kathryn – Leah}


Sharing My Sole


Sharing My Sole

Sharing My Sole

Tunic:  Madewell

Necklace:  J.Crew

Jeans:  Madewell

Wedges:  Madewell


And another favorite from the article…  “Famous only children include:  FDR, Frank Sinatra, Lance Armstrong, and Elvis.  Oh yeah, and some dude you may have head of, goes by the name Jesus.  You might remember him as the guy who invented magic tricks and being nice to other people, though.  So yeah, there have been some pretty rad only children.”

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  1. I completely agree! I’m an only child and I’m the same way with my friends 🙂 Love that necklace by the way!

  2. What a sweet post. Love your dress/jeans look.

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