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Do you ever get into a bit of a style rut?  Or have days when you just want someone else to dress you?  I have definitely experienced those days myself, which typically result in me pouting on my closet floor.  Well, if you’re ever seeking some professional help for this common problem, look no further than Style for Hire, Stacy London’s network of personal style experts across the country.  I recently had the privilege of interviewing Style for Hire’s Lauren Matthews to ask her a few questions on what every women needs in her closet and where to spend versus save…



Sharing My Sole:  What are 5 key pieces that every woman should have in her closet?


Lauren:  Every woman should have…

  1. A little black dress that can go from work to cocktails with a switch of a shoe and change of accessories. If you’re daring, try a little red dress.
  2. A great fitting blazer.
  3. A chic coat, it can have luxe details like faux fur, or leather accents. In tweed, wool, or cashmere blend.
  4. A luxe clutch bag, for evenings out that will hold the essentials.
  5. A great pair of black heels. I like patent, as it can be worn to work or as a dressier shoe depending on the heel height and details.


Sharing My Sole:  What would you recommend splurging on versus being thrifty?


Lauren:  I shy away from being thrifty with footwear. There is nothing worse than a cheap pair of shoes, whereas a quality shoe can make a less expensive outfit look more so.  I’m thrifty on accessories, like costume jewelry.


Sharing My Sole:  Any trends you could do without?


Lauren:  I could do without the sheer insets on clothing and the overabundance of short-tight bandage dresses.  It’s never chic to look like a street walker.  I could also do without exaggerated platforms, and flatforms.


Sharing My Sole:  Any recommendations for bringing your own personal style into corporate attire?


Lauren:  I love to punch up my look with great statement necklaces worn with my shift dresses, or leopard printed or beaded cardigans with simple blouses and skirts. It’s really about not overdoing it, but having just enough going on with your ensemble for it not to be boring.


And finally, if you’re looking for ways to bring some sparkle to your style as you head back to work after the holidays, Lauren has provided some great choices for ways to keep things glitzy at the work place!


Style for Hire


She suggests using unique separates to add some glamour to more simple work pieces.  Pair a brocade skirt with a solid sweater or blazer, a beaded cardigan with flat front pants or add a special bracelet or earrings to any ensemble!  The possibilities are endless!


Thanks so much to Style for Hire and Lauren for answering my questions and helping women everywhere become inspired by style!

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  1. This is great 🙂 I love hearing other people’s style must-haves (and dont-haves)!

    xo Ashley