The Beauty Files: Good Vibrations


The other day at lunch some girlfriends and I were talking about our various skin care routines, especially with this dry winter air.  When I was dishing about my obsession with the Clarisonic skincare line, I realized my entire beauty routine vibrates.  (Not like that, get your mind out of the gutter).  But really, I have my Sonicare toothbrush which I’ve used for 12 or so years now, the Clarisonic Brush and I recently got the Clarisonic Opal for Christmas.  My thoughts on each…


Sonicare Toothbrush: If I happen to use a regular toothbrush now, I really don’t feel like my teeth get clean. I am obsessed.

Clarisonic Brush: This has really helped with my dry and flaky winter skin. It’s sloughs off all my dead skin (gross, I know) and leaves me feeling smooth and ready to moisturize.  I also recommend the sensitive skin brush for a gentler scrub.

Clarisonic Opal: This little magic tool vibrates the surrounding eye area and helps the anti-wrinkle cream better absorb. And I’m convinced it’s decreased my under eye bags which is always a plus.


What are your daily beauty favorites?

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  1. Have you had the same Sonicare for 12 years? If so, what model? The model you linked to looks awesome but some of the reviews said it didn’t last very long. Thanks!

    • Yes I have! I got my Sonicare as a Christmas gift back in high school and by some miracle it hasn’t died on me. I’m not certain if they make my exact model anymore, but I linked to the one that looked the most similar. To be honest some of my friends with a Sonicare have had theirs die after 5-8 years, but mine is still working just fine. Good luck!!


  2. I have all 3 as well and I LOVE them!~ And ditto to not feeling like my teeth are clean if I don’t us my sonic toothbrush!

  3. Thanks for mentioning your review about the Clarisonic Opal. I have had my Clarisonic Facial Brush for years and use it daily and don’t feel like my face is truly clean without it. I have thought about the Opal and your review is helping me to make my decision! I want to use it on my “11” wrinkle that haunts me every morning! LOL