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Sharing My Sole - The In Crowd


The 13-year-old Jaclyn would have completely loved this outfit.  Denim jacket?  Check.  Camo pants?  Check.  I would have totally been a part of the cool kids.  (Unfortunately I was dealing with braces, zits, hair sprayed bangs and a massive growth spurt, so maybe not…)  Anyway, I still feel cool in this outfit.  Plus, I can now walk in heels.  I’ve come a long way.


p.s. No, that isn’t bird poop in my hair, it’s snow.  Have you heard of it?


Sharing My Sole - The In Crowd

Button-down:  Caslon (similar)

Denim Jacket:  Gap

Pants:  Gap

Heels:  Loft (similar)

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  1. Love this! Those shoes are amazing + really make this pop. Camo pants = amazing.
    The Pumpkin Spot