The Nail Files: Purple Haze

Sharing My Sole - Purple Haze


I recently read an article that French manicures are out… They are “so five years ago.” Now, I’m not necessarily sure if I agree with this or not, since I think they are classic and clean. But I decided to do my own little twist on a French with two shades of purple. Up next? Trying to conquer these.


Sharing My Sole - Purple Haze


Sharing My Sole - Purple Haze

Dark Purple: OPI “No Spain No Gain”
Light Purple: OPI “Do you Lilac It”


Sharing My Sole - Purple Haze

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  1. Lovely combo!!!

  2. I would like to know how to keep the “top” part of my French manicure straight. I also love making up own using different colors, but have such a hard time making them look neat. Please help!


    • Hi Donna-
      I will often use hole reinforcer stickers to get a straight line for my mani. Those or a steady hand! 🙂