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Sharing My Sole - What else


I couldn’t quite decide what to wear to an outdoor event this past Saturday…  Not only was it hot and humid (hello flat hair), but it was also very windy and I didn’t want a gust of wind to blow up a short skirt.  True to form, I grabbed a maxi.  What else, right?  Well I just had to share this little Target find with you.  I found this maxi on sale in-store, but it’s a great price online too.  And if you’re going to have flat hair, you may as well wear a cute dress.  Do you feel me?


Sharing My Sole - What else

Dress:  Target

Earrings:  Target

Bag:  Madewell

Bracelets:  J.Crew, Stella & Dot

Wedges:  Madewell


p.s. J.Crew now has 30% off your purchase with code THEBEST (Score!)  I want this t-shirt to pair with a striped skirt and this day dress for running around.

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  1. Adorable dress! I may have to go scour the Target sales racks just in case haha 😉

  2. YOU bought a dress at TARGET? Somehow that makes me like you even more.

  3. I really enjoy your blog. I’ve never commented before but I’ve often wondered what size/measurements you are. Sounds weird, I know, but there’s a method to my madness! So many of the items you wear have a link to purchase them. Since we look to be similar shapes, it would give me an idea of what size to order. Like many people, I’m sure, I don’t have the ability to go to the stores and try the pieces on for size before purchasing. Thanks!

    • Hi Karen- Great question! I am usually a 6 or 28 in pants and between a 4 and 6 in dresses. It just depends on the store. And I am a 4/small in most blouses or tops. 32D chest. Hope that helps! I got this specific Target dress in a size small.