What’s in my bag?

Sharing My Sole - What's in my bag


Anyone remember the scene from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days where Kate Hudson strategically leaves her purse at Matthew McConaughy’s apartment?  Then, when deciding whether or not to look in it, he says “A woman’s purse is her secret source of power.  There are a lot of dark and dangerous things in there that men should know nothing about.” (Yes, love that movie). Well, I’m not sure if my purse really carries secret powers, but it does carry a bunch of stuff I “need” on a daily basis.  So, here it is.  What’s in my bag…


Sharing My Sole - What's in my bag

1. A minimum of five lip glosses.  As I mentioned in my Mascara Round-up post, I hoard lip gloss.  I typically have at least five, maybe more.

2. Hempz Lotion.  The best.

3. My kindle.  You never know when you’ll have a few minutes to read…  Doctor’s office?  Lunch?

4. Wallet.  Standard.

5. A polka dot pouch full of coupons.  I’m a coupon queen.

6. An epipen.  I have a pistachio allergy and I think it’s smart to carry one regardless.

7. Clinque powder compact.  Farewell shiny nose.

8. Granola bar so I don’t get hangry.  (Hungry + Angry = Hangry)

9. Deodorant.  I have on more than one occasion forgotten to put on deodorant in the morning (TMI?) and will realize it about an hour into my day.  A must have, always.

10. A pen.  Old school, but necessary.

11. A lucky nut and stone from my Dad.  He gave them to me before an important job interview four years and I’ve kept them in my purse ever since.

How about you?  What do you stash in your bag?  

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  1. Thanks for sharing, love your wallet 🙂

    Dress To Cook Blog

  2. I have a whole arsenal in my bag too! Right now my purse is streamlined into my school tote, but I haul a ton of unnecessary makeup with me everywhere I go too!

  3. I love the term “hungry!” Finally something that accurately describes my sugar craving- induced fury. And I love your cute coupon pouch! I love couponing, but haven’t had much time for it lately. Also, I’m not very good at it haha. I’m sad I didn’t get to talk to you more at our blogger brunch a couple weeks ago…I would have loved to learn some of your couponing tips. Next time!

  4. Ummm… I pretty much have at the minimum 10 lip glosses/sticks/liners, etc. in my purse at all times. A girl can never have too many!

    Radiating Splendor

  5. This is gonna be the next video that I film! I hope you stop and watch it 🙂 I also hoard lip products

    xo Ashley

  6. The movie was on last night! Did you happen to catch it? Love the wallet – I have a Coach one in pink and get tons of compliments! Strange to think a wallet catches someone’s eye! – J

  7. Where is the coupon pouch from? Love it! Great post 😉