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A couple weeks ago, I was lucky enough to participate in and judge the AOL Fall 2015 Beauty Awards with a lovely group of AOL Lifestyle Collective Bloggers.  Since I am a bit of a nail polish junkie, it was only fitting that I judge the nail category.  Challenge accepted.


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There were so many great products and shades, but here are my 3 stand outs…

tenoverten The Foundation: Admittedly I always skipped the base coat in my at-home manicure process because I was certain it didn’t do anything.  Well, this product has convinced me otherwise.  Not only did it stop the color from bleeding into my natural nail (I hate that), it also helped prevent chipping.  Win win.

tenoverten Orchard:  This was undoubtedly my favorite fall shade.  And by “my favorite” I mean I’ve been wearing this color on repeat since I got it.  It’s the perfect mix between a red and a plum.

Essie gel-setter Top Coat:  I have been a loyal user of Seche Vite top coat for years (I still love it), but this one is exceptional as well.  It took a few more minutes to dry, but my manicure lasted days longer without chipping.  So it’s worth the extra minutes of dry time for a week of chip-free nails.

What are your favorite nail products?

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  1. So many great colors included! I am now newly obsessed tenoverten. I was completely shocked to try it out. The color was so rich and thick! XO