Leopard & Stripes

Sharing My Sole - Leopard & Stripes


So I think it’s about time I start going through airport security naked.  Ok, perhaps I’m being a bit dramatic but honestly if I am wearing any layers whatsoever it’s like a dressing room moment in front of the TSA.  I’m over it.  That’s why I wore this on Saturday when heading back home from New York.  No layers, slip on flats, tote full of bagels.  Yep, that’s right, bagels.  Came home with a bag smelling like garlic from the half dozen everything bagels I toted home for my Mom.  So worth it.


Sharing My Sole - Leopard & Stripes


Sharing My Sole - Leopard & Stripes


Sharing My Sole - Leopard & Stripes


Sharing My Sole - Leopard & StripesShirt:  Banana Republic (similar)

Necklace:  J.Crew (similar)

Tote:  Madewell

Jeans:  AG

Flats:  Madewell


Photography by Katie Ardner

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  1. Love this combo – the necklace is super cute!


  2. I love that striped tee. Perfect travel suit.
    The Pumpkin Spot

  3. those shoes look so comfortable, I love it with the stripes!

  4. I think you made the prudent choice in carrying home genuine NYC bagels (of course, this is coming from the girl who once checked a suitcase full of NJ corn and porkroll for the trek back to San Diego). And since I’ve been eyeing that Madewell tote for myself, I’m relieved to learn that it can transport beloved regional foods both safely and stylishly 😉

    The Salty Hanger

  5. I try not to wear too much when I go through security so I am not “undressing”. Great travel outfit and I am sure you were making all the other passengers hungry with the smell of your bagels 🙂


  6. I love the tote bag and cheetah print shoes! Really cute!

  7. You look awesome in this outfit! Love it!