Time for Tights

Sharing My Sole - Time for Tights


You know what autumn means… tights season. I seriously love wearing tights and boots with a sweater dress. It’s one of my favorite things to throw on to feel both comfortable and pulled together. These tights remind me a little of Cher in Clueless. The knee socks, you feel me? As if.  (Sorry, had to).  Shop my favorite tights below…


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  1. Love it! If only I could wear something so cute to work. Scrubs are getting old.
    The Pumpkin Spot

  2. I am loving tights right now too! Yours looks great!


  3. i love those tights – might have to grab a pair!

  4. Love the look! Not sure if I’m just too short but I’ve never been able to pull of this look.

  5. love the polka dot ones!

  6. LOVE those tights! I haven’t seen them around but what a great idea. They remind me of Heathers. (Google it.)

  7. These tights are awesome! So Cher!