Sharing My Sole - Legit


Say hello to my new favorite comfy, stretchy, any occasion dress. Found in the sale section at Madewell (my home away from home) and I’ve been wearing it non-stop. I wore this little get up to help an event planning friend this past Saturday with a wedding. I interned with an event planner in D.C. back in my college days, so I’ve picked up on a few things over the years. One, always wear black. You look important and legit. Two, always have a purse with the following: A lint roller, scissors and double sided tape. Without these three things you may as well just start drinking wine and sit with the guests, cause you are pretty much useless. So now you know what’s in my cute little J.Crew bag. Event planner essentials.


Sharing My Sole - Legit


Sharing My Sole - Legit


Sharing My Sole - Legit

Dress:  Madewell

Necklace:  J.Crew

Belt:  Madewell

Bag:  J.Crew

Watch:  Michael Kors

Tights:  Gap

Booties:  Madewell


Photography by Katie Ardner


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  1. Love this look. I love the J Lo in Wedding Planner and she was dressed so well in that movie. Such a classy look….love the polka dot tights!


  2. This might be one of my favs b/c I’ve never seen you in all black. This is w-o-r-k-i-n-g.
    The Pumpkin Spot

  3. Perfect black dress 🙂 Love how u accentuated it with the belt as well!