Friday Favorites

Happy Friday and Happy Valentine’s Day! If you follow me on Instagram you know I attempted to make some cute and tasty muffins last night for my coworkers, but they turned out a bit lumpy… I tried. Hope your weekend is filled with love and chocolate!

Favorite Surprise: Heart shaped balloons

Sharing My Sole - Friday Favorites


Favorite Treat: Olympic Cookies my friend made for the Opening Ceremony

Sharing My Sole - Friday Favorites


Favorite Smile: Potsie with a snow covered nose

Sharing My Sole - Friday Favorites

And a few favorites from around the web…

I ordered this dress and this dress for vacation next week. Hoping one of them works. I heart free shipping and returns.

This serum has been saving my winter skin.

I want to try this mani for vacation.

My friend Gina sent me this video this week and I’ve watched it at least 5 times. Can’t.Stop.Laughing.

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  1. Potsie is so sweet! He always makes me smile.