Three Habits to Ditch in 2018

It was quiet on the blog front this week as I had a lot of competing priorities (hello work, hello holidays) going on and didn’t want to overextend myself.  Taking a few days away from worrying about getting new blog content up was a good reminder that it’s ok to prioritize.  Since the New Year is only a couple weeks away (whaaatttt) I’ve been thinking about a handful things I want to ‘stop doing’ as we hit the refresh mark.  What are the habits you’re going to ditch in 2018?



ONE // Staying Overly Connected

I feel like my addiction to my phone and constantly being connected has gotten more severe over the past year.  And I’ve noticed the times when I’m away from my phone (during yoga, out to dinner…) I feel calmer and happier.  So this year I’m going to ditch feeling like I need to be connected all.the.time and be intentional about putting my phone away.  It’s ok to be unavailable on my cell for a few hours and to be truly connected to the present moment.


TWO // Holding Onto Material Things

When Zak and I moved and drastically downsized our home this year, we were forced to purge all the unnecessary “stuff.”  Doing this clean out was really therapeutic for both of us as we got rid of our unused items and any clutter.  As someone who does love shoes and clothes, I want to recommit to only bringing items into our home that we truly use and love.  I don’t want to hold on to extra “stuff” and donating to Goodwill  or the Salvation Army really feels good.


THREE // Not Saying No

I’m a yes girl.  I’m a yes girl even when it’s something I don’t really want to do.  So this year, I will say no and not feel guilty about it after.  I can’t be everything to everyone and everywhere all the time.  (feel me?)  So I’ll ditch not saying no and will feel happy about not overextending myself.

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